The most beautiful pieces of emotion are found in the in-between //  There is a difference between looking and seeing // The entire body is a window to the soul //  Nerves are okay and can be handled with Champagne // It is possible to be a gypsy with the soul of a homebody (I am one)  // Posing is  




It has been said that if you are writing your own bio than you have made a wrong turn in life. I am not sure I believe that but when I started writing this in the standard third person format (i.e. Alice believe in...) I got this icky feeling inside and decided that I think I might understand what all about - so instead I will tell you who I am and what I believe in rather than pretending that I am not the one writing this little message to you!

In photography (and design), I aim to avoid stylistic choices that follow trends and rather create timeless, simple and pure images that make you feel something.  Although I believe that there is a time and place for posed photography, I truly find that the most captivating images are the ones that are created in organic moments. It is often the case that my favorite images capture the beautiful pieces of emotion that can be found in the in-between.

I think that I may be a gypsy with the soul of a homebody. I love to travel, explore and be spontaneous (i.e. make a detour to get donuts in portland Maine) but I also genuinely love being at home and feeling anchored to a purpose. My initial degree is in Landscape Architecture and I later received an MFA in Graphic Design. Through all this I have learned one thing about myself - I don't want to be one thing at all. I have come to accept that my passions lye in many places (and that is okay) but there is a common thread that connects them all - the love of creating, making and understanding that our every day as we know it is often under appreciated. 

I love to write so this could get lengthy but I will leave you with this - when this moment is gone, what will we have left but a memory?

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