Womens March Boston

A movement is much more than a march. A movement is that different space between our reality and our vision. Our liberation depends on all of us.
— Janet Mock

I came out to this march with zero expectations. I like street photography and thought it would be a good opportunity to catch raw emotion. I left feeling so much pride, and hope and patriotism. For those of you who know me, you know that I am not a 'warm and fuzzy' kind of girl. I lean towards pessimist and am skeptical of most things but this was truly a day like one that I have never experienced in life. The diversity was incredible, the causes were many and the LOVE was so widespread. It was wonderful to get a glimpse into the world that we don't often get to see on TV or hear on the radio. The world of positivity and of people who are willing to do the work to make the world the way they imagine it can be.

I have also been playing with video and although I have about 2 hours of footage, all I could muster was this short clip of quite a powerful moment in front of Arlington Street Church where the church bells played along with a trumpet on the street. Much to learn but do love editing :)

For those who are interested in actually being the change — head to www.womensmarch.com/100/.